Sunday, September 12, 2010


The brainchild of Frank Altomari(crudedoodle), "Pumpkid" was a fun collaborative project that let me put that sculpture elective to good use.

Forged from a coat hanger, Super Sculpey, and a lot of love, this little pumpkid was fun to make.

He was so cute we just wanted to bake him in the oven. So we did (Sculpey needs oven time to harden).

All he needed was some priming and some drying time and then he was ready for painting.

The next step was to give him his eyes. These were tiny balls of Sculpey that we detailed. We dripped some clear enamel onto them to give them a wet look.

The final step was to coat his pumpkin head with satin finish varnish for that healthy-pumpkin look.

And the final little man:

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